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Fisherman’s Bastion #HelloHungary

One of my favourite spots in the entire city, Fisherman’s Bastion was something out of a fairytale. After crossing the bridge over to Buda, we took a bus up to the Bastion. As soon as I got out of the bus, I saw this very helpful sign. Aren’t Hungarians the best for telling us where the nearest wifi spot is?!

fisherman's bastion, belleamis

fisherman's bastion, belleamis

We bought a ticket to climb the Fisherman’s Bastion, only to find out there was a similar terrace just further down which did not require ticket entry. Nonetheless, it was still amazing and we got some pretty insane pictures. Do it for the ‘gram people.

fisherman's bastion

fisherman's bastion, belleamis

Look at the amazing architecture! Every country I visit, I have to stop and admire the architecture. Every building is so unique and beautiful. I’d not come across a mosaic-type roof before this church and it worked so well.




fisherman's bastion, belleamis

fisherman's bastion, belleamis

Please let’s stop and admire the castle on the terrace. The rounded edges and roofs reminds me of Hogwarts, making the entire experience more magical. We literally stopped every 5 seconds because the scenery was so beautiful and we just had to take a picture.

fisherman's bastion, belleamis

belleamis belleamis

Fisherman’s Bastion was easily one of my favorite spots in the entire city. It felt so regal and magical, like something out of a story book. This is one my most recommended places to visit and you will not be disappointed!

Till my next stop x

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