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Femme Fierce

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Feminism is always portrayed in a negative light, which I personally, do not understand.

As a female and a human, it is innate to me to expect the same respect and rights as our opposite gender. Women are always perceived as the weaker half but contrary to popular beliefs, women are the ones who carry the heaviest burdens without struggle. Women are constantly pushed down yet they manage to stand tall and strong and face everything with double the strength & courage.

Increasing amount of women are making a mark in this world and this is something that needs to be celebrated everyday. In a world dominated by men, women are steadily becoming the voice of reason and the power behind the force.

As a woman, I have faced many demeaning comments and not always from men, I’ve received enough from women themselves. One girl said to me, she was surprised I was smart because I didn’t “look” smart. I don’t know what “smart” women are supposed to look like, but looking at her I know what ignorance is. Having said that, we can’t expect women to gain respect from the opposite gender if women themselves can’t remove the derogative and shallow way of perceiving other women. Hence, dear women please let’s stop degrading other women and start empowering!


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