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Another day, another dinner out.

Japanese cuisine is definitely one of my favourites in the whole world so it’s always exciting to find a place that serves delicious portions of it!

Eat Tokyo has a few branches around London and I’ve been to the one in Soho and recently, the Holborn branch. I was very happy to find the taste of the dishes were consistent and equally delicious in both restaurants. I always opt for the bento boxes, since it has everything you want from rice, salad, miso soup and your favourite meat/fish/veg.

On Thursdays, we don’t eat meat (motto for life), hence I opted for the veg tempura bento box. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the tempura- but I don’t really like tempura anyway. I absolutely loooove the salmon bento boxes- it’s so filling and the best value for money. It’s shocking, but I haven’t tried the sushi yet, I have yet to fulfill that wish of mine. My friends had the salmon & chicken bento box- which had HUGE portions.

Bento Box Review: The rice is out of this world- the best rice I’ve had. It was the perfect amount of sticky and it goes so well with the miso soup, which has tofu and seaweed. The veg tempura was light & crispy and the vegetable inside was soft and the pieces were large so it was very filling- their seasoning was on point. The tofu had crispy skin but silky soft on the inside, have this with the rice and it’s perfect. The salad has a tangy dressing on top which adds a nice element to the dish. Honestly, I have no bad thing to say about Eat Tokyo’s bento boxes- they’re perfect in every way and it’s perfect for us students!

Veg Tempura bento box (Rice + Veg Tempura + Silky Tofu + Cucumber maki + Salad + Miso Soup); £8.50 (excl. 12.5% service charge)

Eat Tokyo is really amazing value for money and I would highly recommend it. Plus, the head chef at the Holborn branch is an absolute gem! He was so sweet and cute, he spoke to us in Japanese and kept saying “Aishiteru” (I love you) whilst pouting. It was the cutest thing ever, I will definitely be going back.

Also how cool are those light exhibitions?! They were next to the Bloomberg building in Moorgate and I think it was part of the Artichoke London Lumiere project, but I’m not entirely sure. It was so late at night. But, the messages were so deep & it looked gorgeous so I couldn’t help but take these shots. Don’t they look so tumblr?!


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