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Disneyland Dreams II

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Disneyland Part II

This is dedicated to all the rides we went on- the most insane and amazing rides ever. Most of the rides are in the main Disney park but our favourite one- Twilight zone- was in the Studios. OH MY GOD, this ride!! IT was so good we went on it twice, I would have gone on it more times if we had time & if Richa wasn’t so scared (hehe love you).

I waited to go on Space Mountain for 15 years!! Last time I went, I was too short and this time I just made it 😛 At first the ride was closed and I was so heartbroken but as the day went on they opened the ride and I’ve never been so so so excited!!! Thankfully, the queue moved quickly, but sadly because I was expecting so much I was slightly disappointed with the ride 🙁 I was expecting more twists and turns. It wasn’t so bad but it wasn’t as great as I wanted. The elevator ride was definitely better.

There was one ride called the haunted house, and it was the most relaxing ride ever. Initially we went through creepy tunnels and dark alleys then it lead to a ride. We just had to sit there and go through more dark tunnels whilst they told a story- some bits were creepy but other than that, it was so relaxing especially since we just had to sit and enjoy the ride.

Overall, the rides in Disneyland are awesome! I can’t wait to go back. Part of me is glad it was raining, because the queues weren’t too bad. Although most queues were around 45mins, imagine if it was a sunny day?! I can’t wait to go back eeee!

Recommended rides: Elevator ride, haunted house, Indiana Jones ride, buzz lightyear, space mountain and the turtle ride.

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