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Discovering Nepal; Thamel

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The busiest and most popular tourist destination in KTM.

During the day, Thamel was alive with the sounds of shop managers and street vendors selling their garments and shouting “ma tapei lai sastho garidinchu” (I’ll give it to you for a cheap price). During the night, it’s alive with live music, sisha bars, tourists dancing away to the reggae-hiphop-nepali-pop fusion and people just having a great time.

My first stop in Thamel was Dechenling Garden Restaurant. It is only right to start your day with some good Tibetan and Chinese fusion food. The restaurant is right next to the Garden of Dreams and is a hidden gem. Once inside, you forget you’re in the middle of busy Kathmandu; it’s so peaceful and beautiful. After stuffing ourselves, we walked around Thamel looking for a tshirt with “ka kha ga” (Nepalese alphabet). The thing about shopping in Nepal is that you have to be good at bargaining. Shops try to increase the prices if they know you aren’t a local so you have to keep on your toes. Lucky for me I speak Nepali and was able to make friends with the shopkeeper and get a good discount (I bought two tshirts for Nrs 700 or £6-7!!!!) xD I even gave him ideas for a new tshirt design!!  It was so funny, one shop was selling a bracelet for Nrs 190 and a street vendor was selling the same bracelet for Nrs 450!!




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SO this might be shocking but it was my first time staying out till after 7pm in KTM. NOT KIDDING. The last time I was in Nepal I was 16 and it was out of the question for me to leave the house after dinner, but now I’m older and kind of wiser, my aunt let me go out for dinner (and drinks) with my friends, YAAAY!

We had dinner in Mezze, Durbar Marg and then went for drinks in Thamel. It felt so foreign to see KTM after-hours. Everything looked so pretty and the further we delved into Thamel, the better it got. The streets were crawling with tourists and locals just having a good time. We decided to get drinks in Buddha bar which had just candles and the bar lights to light up the place. It was so chill and they even had beds and sofas!!! They were also playing the best mix of songs: reggae, pop, hiphop, rock and even some depressing romantic songs, whatever you wanted they played it for you. It felt so good to explore KTM at night and as cheesy as it may sound, I honestly felt so alive xD (I’m cringing too). Nightlife in Nepal seems so chill, maybe cus everyone is high? Whatever the reason may be nightlife in KTM definitely is one of the best and everything is so cheap sooo it really makes for a good night out 😉 The best thing about my night were the tourists that were sitting outside that spoke to me in Spanish asking me if I was Latino.. ahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa I dont know why it made me so happy.

New discovery: NIGHTLIFE in KTM, bars, good Western food (OMG SUSHIIIIII yumm), ka kha ga tshirts and a GOOD VIBE!

Next Stop: Sanga!




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