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Discovering Nepal; Swayambhunath Stupa

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Soo I’m back from Nepal!

I had the most amazing month and this time I got to tick off most of the things on my list. Yes I make lists, don’t judge me. One of the places I really wanted to visit was Swayambhunath and thanks to my friend and tour guide, Kencho, I got to visit the Stupa!

Before Swayambhu we stopped by Buddha Park and it was truly beautiful- I didn’t know such places existed in Kathmandu!!  We took a quick walk around the park and then headed to Swayambhunath. Swayambhu is located to the West of Kathmandu city and sits gloriously on top of a hill. Luckily for me we drove to the temple so we avoided the 365 steps it takes to get to the top. Swayambhu is one of the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites and is believed to be the lotus lotus flower that bloomed after the pond- now Kathmandu valley- was drained.

The view from the top was breathtaking! You can see the entire Kathmandu valley and get a perspective of how busy and crowded KTM is. We walked around the stupa 3 times (a traditional ritual) lit prayer candles, spun the prayer wheels, said our prayers in the monastry and ran away from the monkeys xD

For some reason, going to Buddhist temples or any temple in general, makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful and this time was no exception. If you’re wanting to see KTM in its glory and visit one of the most sacred sights then Swayambhu is a MUST. We ended our little trip with drinks at Hotel Shambala, we actually wanted to go for a swim but the pool was closing at 6pm so there was no point. PLUS there were just a bunch of men swimming so really it was no problem haha.

But , overall I really hope, if you’re going to Nepal, you go to Swayambhunath and don’t miss the chance to see the stupa in its glory and standing so beautifully over Kathmandu Valley.

Next Stop: Thamel


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