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Discovering Nepal; Sanga

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We met a celebrity!! 😉10517480_936889436337857_6315700946561398302_n


Sanga, home of the world’s tallest Shiva statue

Like all the other discoveries, Sanga was a place I really wanted to visit. I heard a lot about it on social media and from friends and families so I just couldn’t bear the thought of not visiting. My aunt decided to make our trip a family event so there was 8 of us, which made the journey 100000000x more fun.

Once we got to Sanga, we had to trek for a good 15mins till we got to the entrance. The road is not perfect but it’s very walkable and every corner had a titora vendor (Nepali sweet&sour snack) which made the walk so much better. The view from the top is crazy, you get to see the greener side of KTM and the one and only waterpark is also in clear view.

Of course, the whole purpose of our trip was to see the 143ft Lord Shiva statue that stands gloriously on top of the Kathmandu valley. The atmosphere in Sanga is amazing, people come from all over the world to see the Shiva statue and there are 1000s of people that visit every day. There were so many people that day it felt like a stampede to get to the temple at the bottom of the statue. I was being shoved from left, right, bottom, back… EVERYWHERE! Thankfully I got my blessings and quickly got away.

The stairs were another story…

It was impossible to get down without photobombing someone or being stopped to take their photos. People were taking pictures everywhere! I admit I was guilty of this as well. My cousins and I were not only taking selfies (shamelessly) but we also stopped several people to take our pictures OH WELL!

Sadly, on our way back down it started to pour down with rain. At first it was just normal rain so we took shelter at a nearby café but then it started to thunder and the weather went from okay to CRAZY. We finally decided to just risk it and get down to the bus stop ASAP. When we got the road there were barely any buses or taxis that went back into the city. Later we found out that the reason there were no buses was because there had been a terrible landslide that killed a lot of people and injured many others in the next town. All the roads had been blocked off and the storm was creating more and more problems. The landslide had ruined 100s of houses and even the river flow was affected. The disaster is still prominent so please keep the families in your hearts and try to help in any way that you can.


 Sanga is A MUST. It’s so beautiful and everything about the place is great… super happy I got to see the Lord Shiva statue.

 Next Stop: Jhapa!



  1. Ahaha great post & about the photobombing bit so funny XD btw who is the celebrity? I am not very familiar with Nepal ko entertainment circle.

    1. ahaha no it was no celebrity! the last photo with my cousin looked a bit like we found a celeb so i thought id put that joke in! hehe thank you for reading! xxx

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