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Discovering Nepal; Infinity and Beyond

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What a perfect way to end my Nepal trip!

I heard about the infinity pool in Hotel Shambala through FB and Instagram and it was a place I just had to go to. Everyone was raving about it and since I’ve never been to an infinity pool I couldn’t leave Nepal without visiting.

I don’t think many people expected Nepal to have such pools or places, to be honest I didn’t either. My view of Nepal was so narrow before, I kept imagining it to be very traditional and not up-to-date with modern times. I feel bad for thinking that but at the same time I’m glad I did because I had the time of my life discovering all the changes in Nepal.

The first time I went to the pool, they told me it would close in 30mins (they close at 6pm) so I really didn’t see the point in paying Nrs 1000 and being in a rush so I just went up to the café with my friends for a coffee break. We were quite glad we didn’t go for a swim since the pool was surrounded by old men diving and splashing water everywhere -_-

Thankfully the next time I went, the pool was empty and weather was PERFECT! It felt a bit like the French Riviera and the scenery was breathtaking!! You get to indulge in the beautiful KTM valley views and everything about it is perfect, PERFECT! The pool itself isn’t massive but you just feel so relaxed plus the staff are really nice. My friend and I ordered drinks, chilled in the pool, sunbathed and just talked. It was so relaxing…pure bliss!! I would definitely recommend people to go visit, especially if you want to enjoy KTM without the hustle and bustle.

After my swim, I went out to lunch with my cousin at Nanglo in Durbar Marg. The food was good, service was a bit slow which was a shame since I was dying of hunger. Despite that I love Nanglo, purely because their wifi is SUPER fast and the view from the restaurant is really pretty. Everything about the day felt so bittersweet, didn’t know if I should be happy or start crying T_T

I ended the day with a partayyy. My family organised a mini leaving party for me which was super nice. It got a bit emotional and a bit messy but I had the time of my life and I can safely say after that party I am no longer drinking. Ever.

Next stop: Goodbyes 🙁


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