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Candlelight Vigil for Nepal Earthquake

_82582408_a7bac489-c7c8-4cee-bd7b-198a2e737a47 _82584568_82584567 _82587624_82587623 _82591912_82591911 download Nepal Earthquake Nepal-earthquake Kathmandu Struck By Powerful Earthquake Image: Kathmandu Struck By Powerful Earthquake

These are some of the images from the devastation that happened in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is just from one of effected areas, no one is sure how severe the damages are in more rural places and they haven’t been able to connect to them either.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world but despite this we are full of culture, heritage and some of the most kindest people on Earth. The disaster that has struck us is beyond what we expected and our beautiful nation has been left destroyed. Despite all this we cannot lose hope and as a Nepali I will not stop helping Nepal and will do everything to help my nation.

The hardest thing is being away from home and waiting to hear from families, but at times like this we must unite. The amount of help Nepal has received has been overwhelming, the amount of love and support pouring in have been amazing. When these disasters happen to your own country affecting your brothers and sisters, it’s something you never want to experience. Every death has felt personal, every cry has felt personal and every help received has felt personal. If I could, I would reach out to everyone who has donated and hug them. But since I can’t, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us.

On the 28th April 2015, The University of London Nepalese Societies will be holding a candlelight vigil for Nepal at 8PM. Please come and show your support and donate as much as you can. We will be collecting torches/ candles/ solar lamps, anything that we can send back home. There is a cargo leaving for Kathmandu hence we want to utilise this opportunity to send as much as we can. There will also be a fundraiser at the LSE campus on Wednesday 29th April from 10am- 4pm so please try and come.

Thank you for everyone’s support and let’s help rebuild Nepal.

Jai Nepal xo

Disclaimer: I do not own the photos.

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