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You can stand under my umbrella

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I had to separate the same day into so many different posts because, well there are too many pics! I actually only wanted to go to Borough Market because of the umbrellas, I kept seeing pictures of that place on instagram so I just had to go there and take the perfect pic! 😀 SO as usual, I forced my friend to go with me and it took us a good hour to find it! I thought it would be easy but no, it was tucked away in a corner somewhere, but it was worth it. I got my Mary Poppins moment yay!

We also went to Guy’s campus, Kings College and it didn’t even feel like I was in London. IT was so pretty and the amazing thing is, they have MaccyDs right on Campus :O and the Shard is right next to them.

All in all, yayyyy I found the umbrellas and the day was really pretty so yaaay (again)!


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