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C & R restaurant is probably one of my best discoveries for Malaysian food and hands down one of my favourite restaurants in London.

I took one of my friends for dinner here and I had fully briefed him about how much this place would change his life. Needless to say he was quite the sceptic.

To get started we ordered butterfly prawns, which wasn’t a very good idea. It literally looked like something my mum would buy from the supermarket and deep fry at home. Not a good start at all. I was determined to turn the tables so for mains we ordered homemade chicken curry and homemade prawn curry.

c&r, belleamis

Both the dishes came out piping hot and they looked BEAUTIFUL. I was drooling as soon as the dishes came. The curry came with an option of white rice or noodles and we went for the rice. Best decision.
c&r, belleamis

The chicken was succulent and super flavourful. It had absorbed the flavours of the curry and the tender meat was just falling of the bones. Plus they are extremely generous with the size. Look at that chicken! c&r, belleamis

The prawns were plump and juicy and had absorbed the flavours beautifully. The curry was  creamy with just the right amount of saltiness and spiciness. It was beautiful. I cannot tell you enough, how good this homemade curry is! They added potatoes to the curry which made it thicker and gave it a slight sweetness. For the perfect combination, mix the yellow curry with a spoonful of rice and you will reach food heaven. It is divine.

Not only did the meal taste good it also smelled amazing. Luckily for me, I didn’t lose face and my friend loved his meal. This was the perfect place!

Don’t forget to check out my vid below

Till my next eat x

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