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Birthday in Barcelona

Hi everyone!

A week ago my gemini twin and I went to Barcelona for our birthday. The night we got there was my mine so we decided to glam up and hit the town.. even though we just ate.

For dinner we went to a restaurant by the harbour and ordered just seafood. The calamari was amazing; crispy on the outside and super fresh squid on the inside. We also got mussels and seafood paella, which in our opinion was too much seafood. We couldn’t finish it at all. The best dish was definitely the calamari.

For my outfit, I bought this amazing satin dress from ASOS and I couldn’t resist taking 100s of photos, so this post is literally a dedication for the dress. Yes, I know, how very vain but YOLO. I have a new found love for the colour orange and yellow, which you might notice in my future posts (keep a lookout!)

Till my next post x

P.S. please leave a comment below about how much you love my header image; the text and edit is like Picasso’s artwork.

belleamis, barcelona

belleamis, barcelona

belleamis, barcelona

belleamis, barcelona

belleamis, barcelona


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