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Belgo, Holborn | Review

I went into Belgo with very little expectations and to my delight I was pleasantly surprised. The restaurant promises authentic Belgian food, specialising in Moules, Frites and Belgian beer and since I’ve not been to Belgium I really did not know what to expect. There are quite a few Belgo restaurants dotted around London so I assumed it would be another typical chain restaurant- bland quick food and cheesy music. Boy was I wrong.

As a lover of seafood, especially mussels, I couldn’t resist trying Belgo. They have five different options for the moules: Traditional, Kimchi, Mariniere, Garlic & Herb and Green Thai. We opted for the Kimchi and Garlic & Herb, I also decided to try beer for the first time ever.

The mussels came piping hot with a side of wet wipes, fries and drinks. It was HEAVENLY. From the smell to the way they looked, it was so beautiful. The sauces were delicious, albeit a little watery.

belleamis belgo

The kimchi had a nice tang to it, not a lot of cabbage but just enough to give flavour and crunch. The garlic & herb is a classic and you couldn’t go wrong with it. There were delicious chunks of crushed garlic in the sauce still and as a person who LOVES garlic it was gorgeous. The best part- the mussels had soaked up the juice so it was nice and plump and screaming with flavour. Each mussel tasted fresh and not a single one looked dodgy (i.e. not open). The fries were regular potato ones but dipped in the sauce was super yum, kind of wish I ordered a side of bread as well.

belleamis belgo belleamis belgo

The star of the show was the beer. It did not taste like disgusting and bitter. This was a very delicate taste and more fruity. For someone who hates beer, this was a revolution. There were over 62 types to choose from which was very overwhelming. Thankfully they had notes on the menu about what drinkgoes best with what dish so I opted for the one that went best with moules & frites. It was a white beer called St Bernardus Wit and was honestly the best beer ever.

belleamis belgo

Maybe it was the combination of the mussels and fries but I actually enjoyed beer for the first time in my life. Everything was delicious and I couldn’t be more sorry to Belgo for judging them so quickly.

I will definitely be back for the moules & frites and amazing bottle of beer.

Cheers to more delicious eats!

Till my next eat x

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