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Bahia Palace, Marrakech #Marrabouts

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Bahia Palace- one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

This was our last major point of interest before flying home and we left the best till the end. Everything was so intricately designed and detailed, from the colours, symmetry and patterns. Everything left me in awe.

Unsurprisingly the name “Bahia” translates to brilliance- a name well deserved. It was built in the late 19th century with the purpose of being the greatest palace of its time. It intends to capture the essence of Islamic and Moroccan style.

This was another point of interest where we took 100s of pictures but for the purpose of the blog, only a fraction is uploaded. When I build my house I am for sure using Bahia Palace as my no1 inspiration, especially for doors and the ceilings. I can’t express enough how beautiful the palace is.

Entrance fee is 1 Euro and tickets can be bought at the Palace. Opening times are from 8am -5pm, it can get very busy so try to go at off-peak hours around 4pm.

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