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Babes in Berlin – Vlog

belleamis berlin

Berlin was fab! Although it was a very short trip, I had the best time with my girlfriends. It was actually a reunion for us. We hadn’t been together as a triage for over 6 months and honestly being in a long distance relationship with your girlfriends is the hardest thing ever.

Naturally, when you’re in Berlin you opt for sushi & Viet food (lol). We couldn’t resist! We were so hungry and famished from the travelling we needed to replenish our souls with some good Asian cuisine. After scoffing our faces with yummy sushi, bun noodles and summer rolls we headed into town.

belleamis berlin

Berlin is apparently a ‘hipster’ town and known for many quirky places. So in the evening we tried to find as many of these quirky places as possible. Out first stop was to a restaurant (pic below), don’t let the exterior fool you like it did us. From the outside it looked dodgy AF, but inside it was the coolest sushi bar. Sadly, it was completely full so we didn’t get to eat there. We did get a cool photo though.belleamis berlin

Compared to London, Berlin was so huge that the streets were literally empty but every single restaurant was full. We ended up in a bar called ‘Drop’ which was amazing. They had really good music and drinks and food.

belleamis berlin belleamis berlin

Berlin was a dream! It was so much fun and I feel so lucky to be able to jump on a plane and fly over to Germany for the weekend. Here’s to more weekends like this!

Watch my Vlog to see our day 🙂

Till next time x

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