Ahi Poke, Victoria | Review

I’ve never been so excited to discover a restaurant like I was for Ahi Poke.

Situated in Nova Food, Victoria, this little gem is tucked away next to Stoke House. They are a relatively new food shop, serving delicious Hawaiian food with responsibly-sourced and sustainably caught fish in 100% biodegradable packaging. Not bad eh?

They have a build-your-own bowl option as well signature bowls. I went for the build-your-bowl option and loaded mine with goodies. I chose ahi tuna on a bed of brown rice mixed with cabbage & seaweed. Topped with various vegetables such as edamame, red cabbage, kimchee cucumber, radish and others. My sauce of choice was sriracha mayonnaise and extra sriracha.

So how was the food?


They mix the fish separately so the cubes of tuna were wonderfully coated in my chosen sauce. The tuna was soft and not at all fishy, it tasted fresh and wasn’t stringy, which was a bonus. Each individual item in my bowl was packed full of flavour and added a dynamic twist to the entire bowl. Everything mixed together was beautiful, fresh, crunchy and flavourful. Plus, I didn’t feel sluggish afterwards at all. The entire bowl felt super healthy and because of the options to add/takeaway ingredients you can cater it to your own diet.

The large bowl cost £9.95 and £7.95 for a small. If you go for an all veggie option, it’s -£2 but if you add the “premium” ingredients of avocado and cashews it’s an extra charge.

I must say, although it is quite pricey, it was worth it! It won’t be my everyday lunch spot but it’ll definitely be a hot favourite.

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