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Agafay Desert Glamping #Marrabouts

Glamping in the Agafay Desert was probably one of the best things I’ve done in my life.

We stayed at Scarabeo Camp, a luxury camping site which we found on Instagram (thank the lord for social media).  Everything about the camp was amazing. We were picked up from our Riad and taken to the camp. We were then greeted by the camp manager who welcomed us with traditional mint tea and sweet treats.

Whilst waiting for our tent we were able to enjoy the view and take in the stunning surrounding we were in. The desert is an amazing place. It was peaceful and relaxing. The perfect place to unwind and disconnect from the world. The site was beautifully decorated with traditional Berber rugs, African woven matting and exceptional little pieces that were dotted around the communal area.

Our tents were unreal. The epitome of glamping. We had the most comfortable beds, woven rugs, a fully functioning toilet and shower. We even had a lounge area. It was better than some of the hotels I’ve stayed in during my travels.

Since we were in the middle of nowhere there wasn’t much to do, so we booked an hour long camel ride around the area. Our guide was such a nice gentleman who took amazing photos and worked so hard to entertain us. It was my first time on a camel so it was definitely an experience! The views also made 70% of the experience. Even though it’s miles and miles of vastness, there was something so beautiful about it. Plus the Atlas mountains were in the background so another bonus for us.

Dinner at our camp was simple yet delicious. They served us a full 3 course meal with traditional Moroccan dishes. Everything was delicious and the environment and atmosphere was absolutely magical!

I’ll post more about Scarabeo on my next post.. till then xx

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