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Prague Diaries part I

2014-06-12 19.56.57
entertaining ourselves on the plane

2014-06-13 03.04.12DSCN6913


Charles Bridge! It was ridiculously packed, we’d visited it the evening before and it was so peaceful and beautiful (pic below)

2014-06-13 02.33.01DSCN6933 DSCN6954 DSCN6958when did my daddy open a shop in Prague!?


DSCN6910 DSCN6935 DSCN6938 DSCN6944wishing spot on Charles Bridge


DSCN6965DSCN6951DSCN6952I went to Prague bishesss 😀

Prague is so so sooo beautiful, it’s an old city with a modern heart and the contrast works beautifully. You walk down streets and there’ll be MAC, Zara, Sephora then you turn a corner and you’ll be standing in front of a 100+ yr old Church or Synagogue!

On the first day, we decided to visit Prague castle and its surrounding areas. On the way to the castle we got distracted by the local market- which was selling fruits, chocolate and local souvenirs. Since we lived right in the heart of Prague 1, we were within walking distance of all the tourist attractions so no matter where we went, we’d always be distracted by the new and interesting things we saw on the way! 

To get to the castle we crossed Charles Bridge which was insanely busy! It was also filled with vendors and caricature artists. There was also a wishing point where you put your hand on the cross and on the mini sculpture and make your wish! There were love locks on the metal railing just behind the wishing point, which was cute- it’s like saying they wished for their love to be eternal and strong (awww)

After crossing the bridge we just walked around and decided to stop for lunch. We chose a “traditional Czech” restaurant since we wanted to eat authentic food. Every single restaurant claimed to be “authentic” and the “real deal”.. which is quite doubtful aha. Honestly Prague is amazing in all aspects EXCEPT food. Being a pescetarian is hard enough- and the only options available were salads :'( It was good salad though and perfect for the hot weather. My friend had a traditional Czech dish which consisted of potato dumplings and pork goulash- apparently it tasted good!

Anyways too much ramblings! I will continue day 1 in another post- more photos to come!


Outfit: Top- Missguided; Skirt- Sheinside; Shoes- Primark (similar here)


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