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5 reasons you NEED to be at the Signaturee NNY 2072 party


1. It’s organised by the Signaturee Crew, who are undoubtedly one of the biggest organisers of Nepali events. They choose amazing venues and this year it’s at Ministry of Sound, one of the biggest clubs in London so you’re guaranteed a night of amazing music and spacious dance floors 😛

You can ask any Nepali youth and they will tell you who The Signaturee Crew is and how much they love their parties. Guaranteed. 


2. The music is AMAZING. Seriously. They play every single genre you can think of, from Bollywood to Kpop to RnB to House. I can honestly say, one of the reasons I go to these parties is for the music, it’s just on point! I took my flatmate to a party last year and she was quite hesitant at first but once we got there, she LOVED IT. She said the music was one of the best she’s heard in a London party. You can see the list of DJs and their schedule in the pic below.


3. If it’s your birthday or if your birthday lies +-1 week of the party date then you get FREE ENTRY. If this isn’t reason enough to come then I don’t know what is. How can you deny free tickets?! And it’s not just any standard ticket it’s the VIP ticket, how lucky you Aries people are!  I wish my birthday was in April too T_T 



4. So remember that hottie from the last party where you just missed your chance? Well fear not! Nepali party-goers are loyal to these parties so the chances of you meeting that cutie is VERY high. Maybe this is your lucky year, who says you can’t find love in the club 😉


5. It’s NEPALI NEW YEAR!!! Hollaaa! Us Nepalis know how to party and we go BIG (not biased at all) so if you want to join the excitement I suggest you come 😉 Also it’s the year 2072 in Nepal so technically we’re from the future, which is reason enough to come. You’ve all celebrated Chinese New year and the normal Jan 1st new year, now come and celebrate NEPALESE NEW YEAR 2072!

You could have as much fun as the guy below..



I can honestly say, these parties are always REALLY GOOD. It’s such a great way to get everyone together and let your hair down. You also get to see so many of your old friends and even make new friends 😉 My friends and I, take advantage of these parties to get everyone together before exams or before everyone goes their separate ways and it’s always a good night so there’s no losing. 

To buy tickets follow the link here or you can buy at the door but it’s better if you buy beforehand TRUST ME.

I’ll seeeee you all on Sunday at MoS 😀


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