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Oliver Maki, Soho | Review

Oliver Maki had been on my go-to list for the longest time, especially after seeing the most amazing matcha dessert on Instagram.

The service at the restaurant is amazing, they were so attentive and our waiter made sure we were comfortable, our glasses were full and helped us make great sushi choices. The decor in the restaurant was also really pretty, they really pay attention to the little details, for example they have origami boats and cranes as chopstick holders. It was so cute.

Oliver Maki, belleamis

The sushi in Oliver Maki is a mix of classic and new, they have dishes such as an anchovy wrapped sushi roll or the red nori (which I assume is beetroot) wrapped sushi. We ordered spicy tuna maki, pictured below. The tuna was fresh and the rice ratio was great. I wasn’t a big fan of the extra topping on top as it was distracting from the sushi. The best thing was the homemade soy sauce which added ounces of flavour to the sushi, it was beautiful. Oliver Maki, belleamis

We got the volcano sushi roll which was really delicious. The sushi has a slight sweetness to it and the crispy tempura on top was light and not greasy or heavy at all. This was definitely one of my favourites.

Oliver Maki, belleamis

Oliver Maki, belleamisAnother dish we ordered was the tuna and yellowtail taco, they were small but loaded with yumminess. It was topped with mayo, sesame seeds, red onion and drizzled with lime it was gorgeous. The tuna was fresh, melt-in-your-mouth delicious and not at all fishy.

Oliver Maki, belleamis

For dessert we got the chocolate garden and the terrarium matcha tiramisu. The chocolate garden was so good! The ‘soil’ was made with milk and dark chocolate mousse topped with popping candy. The mushroom was a macaroon, the carrot was made with sugar and the cacti were orange and beet. The mousse was really chocolatey and I loved the addition of the popping candy. The cacti were my favourite, you could really taste the flavour and they were both really crunchy and delicious. There were so many dimensions to this dessert, it was amazing.

Oliver Maki, belleamis

The last dessert was the insta-famous Terrarium Matcha Tiramisu. It was so beautiful. The tiramisu was topped with matcha powder, a chocolate rock and mint leaves. The dessert was so creamy it was unbelievable. The tiramisu is at the centre and goes so well with the matcha cream. This dessert definitely exceeded my expectations, both visually and taste wise.

Oliver Maki, belleamis

The star of the show was definitely the Oliver Maki signature Sushi Jewels. There were 4 containers with 3 different types of sushi and each container had very unique flavours, it was the best. The top container had smoked sushis which was very unique. The sushis were charred and then smoked which enhanced the flavours even more, plus it was really fun and so aesthetically pleasing (see vid). My favourite was definitely the nigiris (except the mackerel).

Oliver Maki, belleamis

Oliver Maki was such a great experience, the sushis were unique and bursting with flavour. Plus the service was great which made the dining even better. Although a little pricey than other sushi restaurants, Oliver Maki is worth visiting even just for the desserts!

Till my next eat x

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