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Golf Range O2


My brother and I went to a golf range near the O2 and it was amazing. The view from the range was stunning with Canary Wharf in the background, it was even better during the evening when the lights were turned on. We were also right next to the O2 which meant it was easy to get to and fro the range and there are lots of restaurants to pop into after your golf sesh.


As you can see I went for the aesthetics and to take insta pics xP


I tried very hard to get good swings. In fact I tried so hard, that now, 3 days after I went golfing, my whole body still aches. My shoulders are in so much pain right now it’s insane 🙁 I thought golf was meant to be a nice relaxing game.


My brother was inevitably better than me -_-


There were so many pros in our vicinity that it was almost embarrassing to play. They were hitting the balls so far and so straight and there I was barely able to hit the balls or even if I did hit them it never went straight 🙁

Oh well.

The golf range is so much fun and it’s the perfect place for families, dates, friends, anyone and everyone to go. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a pro because at the end of the day, the range is for practicing and to have fun so everyone go and have fun!

The prices are:

£12 for 120 balls or £6 for 60

£2 for metal put hire

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