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South Asia Diary: Phi Phi Island

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Our Phi Phi Island tour happened on probably the most beautiful day in Phuket. The only downside was the journey TO the island.

There was strong winds so the tides were high and on top of that, several tours were happening hence 20 or more speedboats were in the waters which made the sea even more rough. Some people on our boats were getting really sea sick and everyone was falling everywhere, it was quite the scene.

Our first stop was Maya Bay where the water was crystal clear and the most beautiful shade of blue I’ve ever seen. Sadly we didn’t get a chance to explore the island but from what we saw it was stunning. After that we stopped at Monkey Island- we were supposed to get off at the island and feed the monkeys however because of the high tide, the beach had disappeared so we couldn’t get out. However, luckily for us the monkeys came to us so we could feed them from the boat- one of them even came along with us till our driver shooed it away. Then we stopped at a swimming point where we got to enjoy snorkeling- that was so much fun. I tried to touch the fishes but as soon as they got too close I just freaked out.

After our island hopping we went back to Phuket where we had the most delicious dinner EVER. It was my first time seeing a line so long at a restaurant in Thailand. People were queuing for hours to get a taste of the food there and of course we joined the queue too. Once we got a seat and ordered our dishes, it was time to tuck in. Even the smell of the food drove me into food heaven- from the first bite till the very end I have never felt so satisfied in my life! It was definitely the best meal I had on holiday. No.6 restaurant is HIGHLY recommended.

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