3 MUST Have Accessories

There are some accessories that I just cannot live without. Some I’ve had for years and others I’ve recently fallen in love with. Whatever they are, accessories are a great way to spice up an outfit and add a little zing. I’m a big fan of quaint things and it’s definitely reflective on my accessory choices!

A scarf; I’ve had my scarf for nearly 10 years! I bought it in Oxford street from one of the street vendors for around £5 and it’s still in a great state. I carry this literally everywhere! The weather in London is very unpredictable so I always have my scarf in my bag. I also take it on holiday; it’s great for visiting temples/ churches where they need you to cover up or when it suddenly gets chilly. This scarf is my life and the best £5 I’ve spent.

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Simple jewellery; my bangle belonged to my grandma and after she passed away I inherited it. It hasn’t left my arm since I put it on nearly 7 years ago. If you look at my pictures, you’ll notice that my bangle is the one thing that’s stayed consistent (aside from my poses). Plus it makes me feel feminine. Another jewellery is my ring. I got this as a friendship ring with my two best friends and although we got it recently, I absolutely love it. You can buy the ring here

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A watch; this is a recent accessory I’ve come to love. Before university, I wasn’t a big fan of watches and felt they got in the way but after my first Casio I instantly fell in love. Now if I don’t have a watch I feel naked. Apart from the aesthetics, it’s also very practical to have a watch, especially if you’re a Nepali. NO MORE NEPALI TIMING PLEASE. You can buy a similar watch to what I’m wearing in the pic below here 

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What are your must have accessories? Leave a comment below!

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