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21 in Cologne

IMG_2287IMG_2272 IMG_2282 IMG_2299 IMG_2303SAM_0839 IMG_2319 IMG_2324SAM_0851 IMG_2337 IMG_2343 IMG_2345 SAM_0854IMG_2328IMG_2332SAM_0866 SAM_0870 SAM_0872 SAM_0875 SAM_0877 SAM_0880 SAM_0886 SAM_0889 SAM_0891 SAM_0896 SAM_0897 SAM_0905 SAM_0907It’s my birthday!!!!! (Or it was on the 2nd June)

I wanted my birthday to be spontaneous and special so this year my girlfriends and I flew to Cologne, Germany. It was the most spontaneous, amazing and THE BEST way to turn 21 😀

Cologne is a small city so we were able to see most of the city in the short 9 hours we had in the city. Our first stop was Cologne Dom (Cathedral) and it was beautiful. The architecture just blew me away, everything about it was beautiful, from every carving to every stain glass window and brick. Seriously, we were all in awe. I lit some candles, did a little prayer and looked around in amazement.

We then went for some traditional German food at Fruh. The food was just insane. Everyone had some version of pork, except me, who had the fishiest fish ever known to man. After a few bites we were all full, the food was just so heavy and intense but it was really good. I loved the restaurant, the staff were really nice and the atmosphere was lovely. Plus we tried German beer, which was surprisingly good. I also practiced my German, which I’m not really sure how it fared, all I said was “heute ist meine geburtstag” and “danke schon” hahaha.

The first few hours was spent, eating and exploring the area around the Cathedral and like I said it was seriously an amazing way to turn 21!

I took so many videos and pictures, and my friends have taken hundreds of photos as well, so I’ve split this post into 2 since there are just too many photos! People around Cologne probably thought I was crazy with my selfie stick ahaha, oh well.

Anyways, see ya in the next post! 😀

Outfit: Top- New Look, Skirt- Sheinside, Trench coat- Warehouse, Watch- Jowissa, Shoes- George

Also shoutout to Ryanair, for the amazingly cheap tickets to Cologne! We got out tickets for £20!!!!!! That’s right £20!!!!

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