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21 in Cologne III

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How could we leave Cologne without going to the chocolate museum?!

I could smell the chocolate museum before I could even see it. Upon entrance, we were given chocolate that was made in the museum, you can actually watch it being made, which is pretty cool. It also tasted amazing. The coolest part of the museum was the mini rainforest, which took me back to my favourite place Brunei. It was super humid and hot, the temperature was just right for plants such as a papaya trees and banana trees, which were actually being grown in the museum. They even had a tiny little pond with some koi fish. The second best part of the museum was the chocolate fountain overlooking the river Rhine, we were also given some samples of the chocolate and it was divine! So smooth and yummy, it was heaven in my mouth.

After the museum, we headed back into the city centre to explore the surrounding areas and for some drinks. We went to a restaurant called “Funk Haus” and sat outside with some cocktails and food. The cocktails were amazing and the atmosphere was amazing. We sat outside, talking and eating and people-watching, it was the best way to end the trip and my birthday! I couldn’t have asked for better people to go to Cologne and celebrate my birthday with. Also I would give “Funk Haus” 4/5, highly recommended! They’re food was delicious and their cocktails were just fab, plus it’s right in the centre of town and you get the option of sitting outside which makes everything 10x better, especially on a warm summer evening.

If anyone is looking for a budget day trip, then Cologne is HIGHLY recommended! It’s a mix of both the past and present, with contrasts being seen all over the city. It’s so beautiful! I spent 9 hours in Cologne, and every hour was amazing. I’m so so sooo glad I took this spontaneous trip for my birthday and thank you RyanAir for the amazing flight deals. Seriously guys, if you want to have a “YOLO” moment and want to travel, check out RyanAir for really great deals.

Once again thank you to EVERYONE for the warm birthday wishes and love!


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