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21 in Cologne II

1544425_10153924951898332_1232024192800969249_n Before & After Lunch

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Part zwei of my Cologne trip!

Remember when I said our lunch was super heavy? Please look at the first picture to see the evidence! The restaurant, Fruh, was really nice and served close to authentic German food, I’d give it 2* only because it wasn’t very vegetarian friendly, BUT meat eaters would give it 4*, so it’s worth a visit if you enjoy variations of pork and other meats. After lunch, a mini photoshoot outside of the cathedral and lighting a candle, we went exploring and to the love lock bridge.

When I was looking up things to do in Cologne, I saw these really cute row of colourful buildings, so I was over the moon when we accidentally stumbled across them! We were just walking along the river when we saw the colourful buildings. They were so pretty and they were all housing a cafe or a restaurant. The houses were in front of an old church so the contrast between the two buildings was quite a beautiful scene. We stopped by a cafe for some ice cream and it was deeeelicious! I had pistachio and coconut, my favourite flavours, and they did not disappoint ๐Ÿ˜€

I’d seen hundreds of photos of the bridge online and it was also one of the places you had to visit in Cologne, so I couldn’t not go! Plus, love-lock bridges seem to be the “thing” right now, so I bought a lock myself (heh-heh). I just wanted to leave a “piece of me” in Germany. Besides, it was my birthday so I’m allowed to be cheesy. After the locking-of-the-padlock ceremony, I threw one of the keys into the river Rhine, so I have officially left a mark in Germany! YAY! I wrote my friends’ initials on the lock, the date and wrote that it was my birthday, because why not.

I should probably warn you guys, there are so many photos to come, and my friends keep posting more online, so there will definitely be a part III!

Hope you are enjoying my Cologne pics, I’m also currently editing a vid so keep a look out ๐Ÿ˜€

seeeee ya in the next post


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